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I believe there comes a time in life when your life just naturally changes.  Spiritually, professionally and emotionally.  Some things you can’t change.  I think about once a month about changing jobs.  Then it goes away.  Something happens that makes me think “forget this I want a new job” but I do nothing because I make really good money and sadly that’s what keeps me where I am.  There are days when life in retail just really stinks.  Today for example.  Just one of those days.  It will pass.  It always does.  Tomorrow is another day.

Spiritually things change without your input what so ever. Several months ago I started feeling as though I’d outgrown my church.  I felt stagnated.  Like I no longer belonged there.  I talked to my mom about it.  I asked if there ever comes a time when your church no longer serves the purpose it once did.  For so long my church felt like home.  It was my refuge.  I think I spent more time in my pastors office just talking than I did at home.  I needed it.  Then it all changed.  I felt a little sad.  I started talking to a friend of mine who is a Christian also.  He told me about his church and invited me.  It took me a while to actually go and visit.  I was afraid to make a change.  So I started praying about it.  Asked God if this was what He wanted me to do.  God doesn’t always answer the way you want him to or think he should.  He has a mind of his own.  So I went and checked it out.  It was AMAZING!! With a capital A!!  I’ve never been in a place so filled with the Spirit.  You could feel it so strongly.  I was hooked.  Pastor Ernie is amazing.  He’s not your typical pastor. To look at him you would never guess he’s a man of God.  He looks like he’s been in prison and in fact he has.  He looks like a typical biker. Long hair, tattoos and wears jeans and t-shirts, even to church.  He’s AWESOME.  He will tell you his story if you ask.  He was doing time when he came to the Lord as many do.  He went to seminary and was ordained.  He’s got so much passion in his preaching.  I have never experienced anything so moving.


In The Beginning

For some reason I have been thinking a lot lately about one of the first scripture verses I leaned.  Not the usual John 3:16 or the 23rd Psalm though I know those too.  Thanks to years and years of vacation bible school.  This one I learned my senior year in high school.  My youth group went to camp over Christmas break.

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

I have kept this verse in the back of my head for a lot of years.  I look it up once in a while and read the corresponding verses.  It’s a reminder to me, and to all who have read it and studied the commentary, to keep you’re faith strong in the Lord.  No matter how bad things get or seem to get.  Our reward is in heaven.