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Deep Thoughts with Mom

I have the most amazing mom.  There are times when we have these really deep conversations.  Usually after an email or 2 about songs we’ve heard.  Sometimes I get in these moods where certain songs just bring on the tears.  Usually it’s How Great is our God by Chris Tomlin, or I Will Rise by Chris.  Today my mom mentioned his version of Amazing Grace brings on the tears for her.  There are some of us who can take the words to these songs and apply them to our lives.  Where they were, where they could have gone, where they are now and God’s amazing grace that got us where we are now.  I don’t know what brings on these moods.  I think it’s the realization that the past is forgiven.  Never to be thought of again.

How can you not love a God who is so forgiving and loves you so much.


The Whole “Do unto others” thing

I have a friend who has a friend.  My friend has been there for her friend through a lot of stuff.  They were “best” friends.  My friend’s nephew, who was more like a son since my friend raised him, passed away in January.  He’d been ill for a long time.  He had a very severe type of diabetes and it just took its toll and he lost his life at the young age of 41.  I went to California with my friend for the funeral because I didn’t think she needed to make that drive alone considering the situation.  It’s what you do for friends.  So my friend asked her friend to come stay at the house to doggy sit.  Just for 3 days.  2 and a half really.  My friend’s friend said no she didn’t want to do that.  My friend was hurt beyond repair.  So I got a co-worker to come house sit.  Now the weekend went on.  The funeral went on.  This so-called friend never called to ask how my friend was.  We came home and still no call from this so-called friend.  When contact was finally made there was still no “I’m sorry for your loss, are you ok, can I do anything for you”  Remember this nephew was like a son.  So my friend, being hurt and angry at her so-called friends selfishness, hasn’t spoken to the other in 8 months.  Today so-called friend calls my friend and doesn’t understand what she did wrong.  Really?

Forgiveness is hard sometimes.  Sometimes one is so hurt that forgiveness just never comes.  I understand that.  You feel what you feel.  Only God can heal your hurts.