Truths For Mature Humans


Family Isn’t Just Blood

I’m a member of this AMAZING volunteer group of women. We are called The BOBArmy. What does that stand for you ask? We are the Built of Barnwood army of volunteers that help promote and spread the word about this little family owned company, but that isn’t all we do.  We also stand up for each other and protect each other. Most especially the Somerhalders and the army kids. Once your cross the line to threaten, bash or bully one of the Somerhalders or one of our kids…You better watch out because we will come after you. We are the BOBArmy after all.  One of the products Built of Barnwood produces is crosses. Really wonderful crosses. 

These are 2 of the 4 I own. I won’t go into the story of the company that’s for another post. Anyway, I along with my friend Becka run the official company blog. We post news, products and company information. Our posts go to Twitter and Facebook automatically and if we choose we click the little g+ button.  So today we find out that someone on Twitter is bashing one of the youngest owners of the company, now mind you he’s 12, saying some pretty mean things about crosses, religion and pretty much the company in general. Well then in comes one of our other kids trying to defend his friend whom he calls his “big bro”. Now this little guy is 7 years old.  This person said some pretty ugly things making our little guy cry. Really?  Ok now you’ve done made mamma bears furious.  We don’t care where you’re from. We don’t care about your race, religion or lack of , or your sexual orientation. What we do care about is our family because that is what we are and when someone hurts one of us you hurt all of us because we love each other like sisters.  That is why I say family isn’t just blood.

Admitting Mistakes

Today’s NaBloPoMo topic

Do you tend to cover up your failings or admit your mistakes?

I am the kind of person who will admit my mistakes. If I know I’ve made one. One of the worst things is making a mistake and not knowing about it, hurting someone and finding out about it later.  As human beings we don’t always know when we’ve done something wrong.

Recently I made a huge mistake at work that almost caused someone their job. I owned up to it and even asked my supervisor to discipline me.  It wasn’t something I did intentionally and I made sure the other person involved knew that and knew how sorry I was that the situation happened.

It’s always best to admit when you’ve done something wrong and if it’s hurt someone else, apologize and try to make it right.

Telling Lies

Today’s NaBloPoMo blog topic is “How good are you at telling a lie?”  Wow..Do I want to get into this?  Oh why not.

I think there are times in everyone’s life where we have to tell little white lies. Either to be kind and not hurt someone’s feelings or maybe to get out of an uncomfortable situation or for some other reason. Is this ok? Well that’s up to you. I’m not going to say yes or no because we all do it.

Now for real lies. There was a time in my life when I was a great big liar. I lied about everything.  I wasn’t ashamed. I didn’t think anything was wrong with it and I slept just fine at night thank you very much. Then my lies started to come out and started to hurt people. Then guilt started. Then I started to realize the reason I didn’t like going to church…guilt and conviction. That was where I needed to be and I knew it. So what did I do? I forced myself to start going back to church. I put myself into therapy and through that I dealt with issues from my teen years that had never been dealt with that had been the root of all my evil.  It took me a long time to get better. I got over my “evil” ways but I still wasn’t the person I should have been. That took a lot longer.  It wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I finally gave my life over to Christ and said “please fix me”  Well he helped me fix myself and I am a completely different person.

So in answer to the question..No I am no longer good at telling lies. I couldn’t tell a lie to save my life.