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The Earth & Disasters

As I sit and watch the devastation in New York and New Jersey, I think to myself  “I’m so glad I don’t live on the coast any more” but then I remember that where I do live isn’t free from disasters of it’s own. 11 years ago we had a 500,000 acre fire that had us evacuated from town for close to 2 weeks. Lots of homes and businesses were lost. Last year it happened again. It makes me realize that no where is safe from disaster. In California where I grew up we had earthquakes. So I guess it just depends on where you live.  It just saddens me what our earth is going through.  Hurricane Katrina pounded the gulf coast leaving a lot of people homeless, some personal friends of mine included. Fires happening all over California continuously.

Nowhere is safe from disaster so please donate to the Red Cross. Help those in need.


Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

Another thing I’m all about is going green and protecting this earth.  It’s amazing what we throw away and what ends up in landfills. Once you start recycling it sort of becomes an obsession.  If something ends up in the trash I pull it out and set it aside to go in the recycle bin.

It’s not all recycling though. It’s also about reusing what’s already been used. Buying products made out of recycled materials.  Reducing the amount of energy you use. Reducing your water usage. All of these things help keep the earth healthy.